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Pathways, walkways and driveways, among others, require superb and uniform pavers. The excellent condition of the pavers helps to minimize accidents and give an area an aesthetic look. Imagine walking around a pool deck with bare feet, and you hit something just because a paver is not in its rightful position! The pain will be excruciating, and frustration will not be enough to describe your thoughts.

We are here to help. We deal with all matters related to interlock pavers. We specialize in relaying and replacements so that everyone can enjoy safe and pleasant looking interlock surfaces.

Reasons why you should repair your interlock, not replace:
● Approximately 50% cheaper... that’s the only reason you need!

Lift and Relay Steps:

1. Carefully removing the existing interlock
2. Grades will be properly adjusted to ensure proper slope and positive drainage to the designated areas.
3. The interlock will be re-installed with proper grade
4. Polymeric sand applied to prevent shifting and vegetation growth.

Reasons Why Clients Choose Us

Clients need great value for their money. So we do a great job of ensuring that our customers are happy with the results we provide.

We continually engage our clients professionally, considering their needs. We handle our projects in a timely fashion and communicate effectively with our customers. We respect our clients’ opinions of what they want, and we also offer different suggestions on how to approach specific projects. For example, we might change the relaying so that the pavers can fit perfectly together.

Cost is always a concern to most people. Thankfully, a Lift and Relay is the most cost effective way to fix your current interlock. Lift and Relays typically cost $10 to $18 per square foot, which is around $15 per sq.ft cheaper than purchasing new interlock. We work with your budget to ensure your home is safe and looks fantastic. If we need to lift the pavers, clean them underneath and relay them, we will quote and work with you efficiently.

Maintenance work on paving with interlocking paving stones. Building materials industry; Concrete products for road or sidewalk construction.

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Black Tar Construction is an Ottawa-based company that offers Asphalt Paving, Interlocking, and Foundation Repair services.

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