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Your driveway is the first thing people will see when they arrive at your home, whether family and friends or just the postal worker, we all want to make the very best first impression. Nevertheless, asphalt in your driveway, or even on regular roads, can become damaged over time with the impact of vehicles, weather damage, poor foundations, tree roots and even improperly mixed asphalt. 

It can be tricky to maintain asphalt, especially if you’re not a professional, and Black Tar’s Crack Sealing asphalt maintenance service will bring your driveway or street back to its best.

What Is Crack Sealing?

Crack Sealing is a process that prevents water from going through the asphalt. While it might not seem too much of a problem at first, water penetration can quickly turn innocuous cracks and potholes. By choosing crack sealing to fix the problem as soon as possible avoids the dangers of damaged asphalt. 

Dangers of Damaged Asphalt

Damaged asphalt can cause numerous problems both on a structural and financial level. If cracks in the asphalt are not fixed quickly enough, water penetration can cause these cracks to transform into potholes. 

Potholes are much more expensive to fix, as they can only be repaired through a specific Pothole Repair method that uses a Infrared-and-Patch approach. This means that the asphalt needs to be placed with fresh asphalt. 

This process is disruptive and time-consuming, and as it is more expensive, it can put you out of pocket if the issue is not dealt with promptly. 

As Canadian winters can be especially harsh, the Freeze-Thaw Cycle puts the asphalt at more significant risk. Furthermore, failing to fix damaged asphalt could damage your vehicle and other vehicles, too. The more impact the cracks face, the greater the risk of loose pieces of asphalt flicking up, which can damage the paintwork or even affect parts underneath the car. All told, it is not just costly to fill a pothole, but also costly to repair the vehicle if the issue is ignored.

Residential Crack Sealing

Black Tar offers two residential crack sealing services to suit your needs. These are Cold Rubber Crack Sealing and Hot Rubber Crack Sealing. 

Cold Rubber Crack Sealing 

Cold rubber crack sealing is a pourable solution that arrives at the site in a liquid form. It is the cheapest option, as it requires less time and equipment, but it does not last as long as hot rubber alternatives. 

Cold rubber crack sealing will last up to six months, and it needs time to cure before we can add pavement sealer. 

Cold rubber is an excellent temporary solution for asphalt cracks. 

Hot Rubber Crack Sealing 

Hot rubber crack sealing is a more expensive alternative to cold rubber. It is more expensive than the alternative, but it is also more durable, lasting up to three years, making it cheaper in the long run.

The hot rubber method is popular with areas that experience heavy traffic. It is delivered to the site as a solid and then melted down. When melted, the sealing is poured into the crack and sufficiently fills the cavity to prevent damage occurring later down the line. 

It is especially popular for deeper cracks that cold sealing cannot reach, and this makes it ideal for severe asphalt cracks that are at risk of becoming potholes sooner rather than later. 

As hot rubber is a more permanent solution that will not shrink. Instead, it will adjust by itself depending on the temperature or time of year. In Canada, this is a necessity. 

Commercial Crack Sealing

Asphalt cracks do not just occur on residential driveways and the surrounding roads. Areas with car parks that experience significant traffic daily, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and business car parks are all at risk of asphalt damage. With the increase in traffic, among the other reasons for damaged asphalt, quality crack sealing should be a priority. 

Hot Rubber Crack Sealing

Black Tar offers a single commercial crack sealing solution. Our Hot Rubber Crack Sealing is highway grade and is the same hot rubber used for municipal projects such as highways or main roads. 

As the sealing we use is Hot Rubber, you can expect an extended asphalt lifespan that is more than capable of handling excessive traffic throughout the year and can cope with any temperature changes throughout the year.

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