Seal Coating

To maintain the asphalt's condition and appearance, it is essential to rehydrate your asphalt with tar every one to two years by sealing it with a tar-based product. A big misconception with asphalt is that it does not require maintenance, but that is far from the truth. Just as grass needs water or an engine needs oil, asphalt needs tar!

Why is Sealing Coating Important?

Asphalt is composed of three main components, granular, stone dust, and tar. Tar is the product that gives asphalt its elasticity, allowing it to expand and contract along with weather variations. Unfortunately, heat and UV rays cause tar to oxidize, resulting in the asphalt losing its rich black colour. The grey colour indicates a lack of tar in the asphalt; the grayer the asphalt, the less elastic-like and the more brittle it becomes. Asphalt expands and contracts at a similar rate regardless of the lack of tar, resulting in cracking, heaving, dipping, and elevation differences. Rehydrating the surface every one to two years will dramatically increase its lifespan and decrease the chances of cracks and potholes.

Steps to Seal Coating

1) Clean asphalt surface with Power Broom.
2) Remove all debris with Power Blower.
3) Apply protector covering to surroundings (interlock, foundation, garage…etc.)
4) Apply four coats of tar simultaneously.
5) Stay off the asphalt surface for a minimum of 3 days.

Types of Pavement Sealers

There are four main types of seal coating that we use for asphalt maintenance. They include;

1. Refined Tar-Based: is the most popular sealer and Black Tar’s product choice. It is black, goopy, and its benefits in comparison to other sealants are unrivalled.
2. Fast Dry Sealants: are best for use in areas with a lot of traffic since it dries in less than 1 hour.
3. Oil-Based Sealers: are petroleum-based and designed to rejuvenate asphalt surfaces. They leave driveways shiny but are harmful to the environment.
4. Acrylic Sealers: are synthetic sealants made of polymers and acrylic.

Additional Benefits of Sealcoating

Seal coating extends the lifespan of pavements since it acts as a protective layer. When asphalt pavements are left unprotected, they can oxidize and decay quickly, increasing the money required for repairs. A seal coating also enhances the aesthetics of your driveway due to its shiny appearance that looks brand new.

It keeps out water, snow, vehicle fluids, and damaging UV rays from the asphalt to reduce wear and tear. Asphalt maintenance is easy with seal coating since it keeps it smooth and easy to clean.

Asphalt Sealcoating

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