Asphalt Paving Lifetime Warranty

Black Tar is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service by providing an industry-leading warranty to ensure you are making a smart long-term investment. Our new LIFETIME WARRANTY is the first of its kind in the industry. This warranty covers all manufacturer defects associated with the quality of materials and workmanship on all residential and private commercial paving projects (unless otherwise stated). Make sure to visit our F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) to clarify any questions you might have. The F.A.Q section is legally binding as part of the Terms and Conditions of this warranty. Please note, the FAQs on this website are the summarized version, please refer to your quote to view the full legally binding version. Feel free to contact your designated Project Estimator if you require additional clarification.

What is covered under the LIFETIME WARRANTY?

Our LIFETIME WARRANTY will cover manufacturer and workmanship defects such as cracking, heaving, and dipping for residential paving surfaces.

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