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Excavation and Grading are a cornerstone of construction projects whether large or small. Without it, there is the risk that the structure will not have safe and suitable foundations to build upon, which could impact the final project.

Excavation and Grading Services

Black Tar also offers Excavation and Grading services to ensure the construction area is cleared and flat to begin construction. Our team of experts are well-equipped with the knowledge and equipment to complete any excavation and grading demands you have. 

From residential to commercial to industrial and beyond, we guarantee that your excavation and grading projects are in safe hands, and we will complete whatever is required in a timely, professional, and budget-friendly manner. 

High-quality excavation and grading are a must for ensuring peace of mind for you, your family, employees, students, or customers. So, working with Black Tar will give you confidence in the result. 

What is Excavation?

Excavation is the process of removing materials like rock, soil, and more from the ground by way of heavy machinery or even explosives. There are many reasons that you would need excavation, from construction work to environmental research to restoration, among many others. 

Construction is the most common and important reason for excavation, and the process is used for projects like foundations and roads. 

Excavation is about more than removing earth, rock, and debris from the ground before the project can begin. Many tasks must be completed beforehand to ensure the area is safe and that local wildlife is not affected. Before starting, excavation specialists will assess the area to ensure habitats are preserved during the process. 

Once completed, contractors will plan the size and the depth required for the excavation. This includes drawings that clearly mark out the boundaries. It is only after these plans and boundaries are completed that the rest of the process can begin. 

The excavation process includes eight stages to ensure success. 

  1. Set out benchmarks at the corners
  2. Survey the top levels 
  3. Excavate the ground to the approved depth
  4. Dress loose soil
  5. Make up the ground to the cut-off level
  6. Construct wells and trenches
  7. Set up the boundaries of the project (such as a building)
  8. Protect bunds and drains 

Black Tar understands the importance of each stage of this process and can guarantee exceptional care and attention to detail to avoid problems that might arise during the excavation process. 

What is Grading?

Just like Excavation, Grading is crucial to the success of any land project. For any new construction project, the area surrounding the foundations must be flat to ensure stable construction and avoid possible problems, such as structural issues, even after the project is completed. It also helps to improve accessibility and also prevent drainage problems that could cause further issues to the building. 

Grading is also sometimes used for existing buildings to help with landscaping and boost curb appeal that is essential if you want to sell your house or merely help it look as good as possible. 

As the natural ground is never entirely flat, grading will adjust the elevation and slope prior to construction. This ensures an attractive and cost-effective result that minimizes the need for further work to be completed later on. Without proper grading, there is a severe risk of water pooling around the foundations, which could impact structural integrity. 

There are three primary purposes for grading. These are: 

  1. Matching the new building’s elevation to nearby sites, parking lots, and streets to enhance accessibility
  2. Establish new drainage patterns to efficiently drain rainwater and reduce flooding and foundation rot
  3. Creating an aesthetic that improves the overall property value while maintaining the attractive appeal of the area, and in some cases improving it. 

To ensure a site that is structurally sound, contractors like Black Tar must outline a Site Grading Plan that analyses contours to maintain a consistent elevation change. We will also look at Spot Elevations to identify specific elevations that contour lines can miss. 

A successful Grading Plan also involves meeting specific drainage requirements in addition to understanding the necessity for aesthetics and any disability access. With years of experience under our belts, Black Tar has all of the knowledge, tools, and machinery at its disposal to guarantee a successful Grading project and ensure confidence in the new building’s foundations. 

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If you are planning a project that requires expert excavation and grading services, get in touch with Black Tar today to speak to a member of our team. With over 10,000 projects completed during our time, we are more than capable of undertaking any needs you require. For a free estimate, contact Black Tar today to find out more. 

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