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Asphalt maintenance services from Black Tar.

Black Tar is an established provider of machine laid surfacing and treatments, offering every type of asphalt maintenance service needed to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. Whether it is surfacing an entire road, or fixing a small pothole, we can do it all. Our expertise and the technology that we have available means that no asphalt maintenance job is too big or too small.

What asphalt maintenance services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services for both domestic and commercial clients.

These include:

Seal coating

Seal coating asphalt driveways, parking lots, and other paved areas are the method of applying a liquid substance over an existing asphalt pavement to seal the surface and cover small voids and cracks for weather safety. If asphalt is not sealed, sunlight, wind, and water can cause it to harden and oxidise over time, making it more fragile and susceptible to cracking. If asphalt paving is not sealed on a regular basis, it can be heavily damaged over time. Heat causes tar to oxidize; leaving the asphalt surface dry and brittle over time. Tar is the substance that keeps asphalt malleable, allowing it to expand and contract along with temperature variations and shifting of the earth. Asphalt sealing would restore the elasticity in the asphalt and minimize surface corrosion.  An equivalent of four coatings of liquid tar is simultaneously applied to ensure proper quantity and coverage.  


There are various types of seal coating materials such as water-based and acrylic paint products, but tar-based (UN 1999) is the only product we recommend. Water-Based and Acrylic paint may be cheaper but they are harmful to asphalt. These products do not have any tar components, meaning that they are not maintaining the asphalt surface, but instead, they are covering the problem by painting over it. Furthermore, these products (paint) have a faster expansion rate than asphalt, resulting in the top layer where the paint lays, to expand faster than the asphalt underneath. Over time, this results in surface cracks called alligator skin. 


Tar-based sealant (UN1999) is only sold for commercial use, meaning that home-owners cannot purchase the UN1999 product without going through a certified contractor. Our technicians are MTO certified and carry a TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) certification. 

Crack sealing

Asphalt cracks can be repaired using two different methods. Asphalt crack sealing and crack filling are two of these services. Despite the fact that many people use these words interchangeably, they are two distinct approaches for dealing with various types of cracks. Both strategies are highly cost-effective ways to keep water out of the asphalt and prolong its life.

We begin by cleaning the surface of the crack thoroughly using a power broom to remove the inevitable covering of weeds and debris trapped, which is then blown away with a power blower. Once fully clean, we apply hot rubber - melted to 365℃ - into the cracks which help to prevent water penetration.

Pothole repair

We have moved on from the traditional cut and patch method of repairing potholes here at Black tar and now use the highly effective infrared patching. This new way of fixing potholes involves melting the asphalt until it becomes soft and molten, adding some fresh asphalt to the mix and pouring it back in, before flattening and compressing it with a vibrating roller. It is much better than the old method, which, as the name suggests, involved cutting out the damaged piece of asphalt and replacing it. This would lead to visible seams along the perimeter of the patch, which otherwise would have allowed water to penetrate and cause further damage.

Installation of ramps

It is common for there to be a difference in elevation between the garage floor and asphalt driveway. The asphalting industry calls this ‘The Dip’. While having a dip where the driveway and garage floor meet is completely common, it can also become problematic when it comes to your finances. It can cause negative drainage issues as it channels water towards the foundations of your property, causing the foundations to crack and parge eventually leading water into your basement. 

This dip happens when the foundations of your home have not been compacted enough during the construction process. Fortunately, while it sounds like a huge job, it is something that our team of highly skilled asphalt maintenance engineers can help to create a much smoother transition between the garage floor and the driveway by adding an asphalt ramp to the existing asphalt-covered surface.

Black Tar provides comprehensive patching and pothole repair services for your asphalt driveways, roadways and parking lots, to preserve the value of your property and to address any concerns around safety and stability. The service begins with applying heat through our infrared machine, where the new ramp will be adjoining to the existing driveway. Depending on the surface. We then proceed to apply the appropriate amount of hot asphalt while creating a smooth transition between the existing driveway and the garage floor. The gradual transition will help achieve ease of access into the garage.  Furthermore, it will minimize water penetration into the foundation of the house.

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