Ramp Installation

Asphalt ramps are required when the asphalt dips towards the garage. It is essential to protect your foundation and vehicle from incurring damages.
Here are signs that you need to do ramp installation.

● Elevation difference between asphalt and garage floor/foundation.
● Crack between asphalt and garage widening.
● Water pooling
● Water draining towards garage
● Alligator skin or elevation differences

Here is what our Ramp Installation Professionals can do:

1. Zoning and Scope of work
Our team will reference the project images in your presence to attain the scope of work, measurements, and proximity of work. The area is marked prior to project initiation and confirmed by the customer to ensure alignment between operations and our customers expectations.

2. Clean the Surface
Cleaning is the first crucial step to ensuring a long lasting installation. We use a robust gas propelled power broom designed to execute a deep sweep on any outdoor surface. It’s optimal for sweeping tough debris.
Once all surface materials have been loosened by the power broom; a power blower is used to ensure the surface is clear of any debris.

3. Infrared Heating
Infrared Heating is a new state-of-the-art technology that heats the current asphalt to a depth of around two inches without oxidizing it or burning it. The process of mixing fresh asphalt with infrared heated existing asphalt allows the production of a joint-free ramp.

4. Asphalt Grading and Application
Our Asphalt Hot Box includes chambers that can store up to four tonnes of fresh asphalt materials at a constant temperature. This is necessary to ensure the asphalt being applied is maintained at an optimal temperature, keeping it in a high quality condition. We proceed to apply the appropriate amount of hot asphalt while creating a smooth transition between the existing asphalt surface and garage floor. The gradual transition will help achieve ease of access into the garage. Furthermore, it may reduce water penetration into the foundation of the house.

5. Compaction
Lastly, the asphalt will be compacted to an optimal amount to minimize shifting, and to prolong the lifespan of the new surface.

State of the Art Equipment Benefits

As subsequently stated, we use the newest technology to ensure optimal results via an Infrared Heating Machine and an Asphalt Hot Box.The end result of the infrared technology to carry out a ramp installation is seamless, making it much more cosmetically appealing. Having no seams means there are no cracks for water to enter, resulting in less damage by the seasonal freezing and thawing process.


After playing compactly on the asphalt, ensure there is no traffic as the asphalt is still hot. You may not tamper with the patch, but the material may stick on your shoes or car. Let it be for a few days. Water it to help cool the asphalt down faster. If you are repairing smaller patches, use the fine aggregate and coarse aggregate to repair large patches.

By following these three DIY steps, your asphalt will look new without having to replace the whole.

Protect Your Home From Water Leakages

While you may not make it to fully waterproof your basement, you should at least try foundation repairs to protect it from water damage. Consider trying several methods that prevent water penetration, including the application of sealant, internal and external drainage, and exterior waterproofing. They work and, to a large extent, prevent water leaking that damages walls.

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