Springtime Tips for Driveway Upkeep and Repair

Spring has sprung, and though the world is struggling through the coronavirus outbreak, it doesn’t stop the need to take care of our homes and property. In fact, so many of us are stuck at home that doing a bit of outdoor maintenance may be a welcome relief. While we remind you that social distancing has to be maintained at all times, spring season driveway maintenance may be a good way to head outside and kindly greet neighbors you see and meet. It is also the best time to tackle a variety of tasks that include: For concrete driveways – Though deemed low maintenance, concrete is also wildly pricey and can show up with major issues if not installed properly. Rain seeping

The Benefits of Heated Drives and Walks

That first big snow fall began, and you did as you usually do; stepping to the window to gaze out at the majestic winter weather and watch the flakes drift down and pile up. Suddenly, you see that a few houses from yours, the snow isn’t piling up at all. At least, not on the driveway. What is going on over there? It is likely that the homeowners decided to end their days of shoveling and struggling against the snow and install a heated drive. They may even have done the walks, too, and will never again face the back-breaking work, risks of falling, and indoor mess that comes with dealing with all the salt, sand and water. Yet, not many people

Is Fall the Best Time to Clean Asphalt

Almost anything can be preserved, protected, and enjoy a longer lifespan when it receives regular maintenance, including paved drives. One of the wisest steps a property owner can take is to have their asphalt drive sealed every two years (or every five years at the least). Not only does this extend the life of the pavement, but it also prevents staining, makes it look great, and it ensures timely repair of cracks and holes. It also keeps the drive is as flat and smooth as possible. Most expert installers seal a driveway as part of the installation process, and this will penetrate deep into the pavement and help it block out gas, oil, and even salt that can easily damage it. Also,

The Most Common Causes of Driveway Damage

Your driveway is something that can keep your home safe, make it look great, and increase accessibility. It’s something that is often used multiple times a day and people see it immediately when they visit. That’s why a driveway that is damaged can ruin the aesthetic of your property and functionality at the same time. If you want to keep your driveway looking great for many years, you should know how damage is usually caused. An Installation Gone Wrong The most common reason for cracks in a driveway is improper installation. If the base is laid incorrectly, problems can start right away. As the materials get wet over time, it can lead to uneven pressure on the space. This is why it’s

5 Asphalt Questions

If you are a homeowner, you probably don’t give much thought to your driveway until there is an issue. As long as it is doing its job, asphalt driveways are mostly forgotten. However, if you are in the market for a new driveway, either on a new home or an existing one, then you may find that you suddenly have a few questions. We are here to help! At Black Tar, we aim to provide excellent customer service, and that means answering your pressing asphalt questions. In this article, you will find a few of the questions asked the most. #1 How long will my driveway last? If you hire an experienced contractor that correctly installs your asphalt driveway, it should have

Why Your Driveway is Covered in Cracks

Having a driveway that is full of cracks or covered in potholes can be an embarrassment to you, and it can hurt your curb appeal when you are ready to sell your home. You may decide to go ahead and have a new driveway poured, but if you don’t know what was causing the cracks, you won’t be able to prevent them from happening all over again. There are no current driveway materials that are promised to never crack ever. As a driveway ages, it is inevitable that it will start to show signs of wear. However, you may be able to avoid some of these issues by understanding what is causing them. Faulty Foundation If your driveway was laid by contractors