Why Your Driveway is Covered in Cracks

Having a driveway that is full of cracks or covered in potholes can be an embarrassment to you, and it can hurt your curb appeal when you are ready to sell your home. You may decide to go ahead and have a new driveway poured, but if you don’t know what was causing the cracks, you won’t be able to prevent them from happening all over again.

There are no current driveway materials that are promised to never crack ever. As a driveway ages, it is inevitable that it will start to show signs of wear. However, you may be able to avoid some of these issues by understanding what is causing them.

Faulty Foundation

If your driveway was laid by contractors that were inexperienced or simply in too much of a hurry, then you may find that you incur some cracks due to an improper foundation. The contractors should pack down the crushed stone very tightly to form a base. If a company isn’t honest, they may try to use sand instead of crushed stone. Sand does not evenly distribute, and this can cause cracks in a relatively short period of time.

Weather Patterns

Those that reside in colder climates know just how hard the winter weather can be on everything. The constant freeze and thaw cycles can cause concrete and asphalt to crack and buckle. Plus, using rock salt on your driveway helps keep you from slipping while getting in and out of your car, but it can actually be absorbed by your asphalt and increase the damage to your driveway.

Tree Roots

While having a tree-lined drive may seem like a good idea. It is often not all that a homeowner would hope for. The trees growing on either side of the driveway can cause massive problems to your driveway because the root systems can cause serious cracking and buckling.

Winter Tires and Gear

Winter weather is so tough on your driveway. We’ve already discussed the damages that the freeze and thaw cycle can deliver to your asphalt. However, the winter gear can also have a big effect on the shape of the driveway. Studded snow tires can rip it up, and even the snow shovels, snowblower blades, and other sharp items like ice-skates can take a toll.

Carrying Heavy Loads

Your driveway can’t really accommodate more than 10k pounds. Any vehicles that are weighing in at or over that amount can cause serious damage and leave “scars” in the asphalt. These scars will eventually turn into new cracks. Plus, these damaged areas become an easy spot for water to seep in and freeze during the cooler months.

Black Tar Can Help

Black Tar commercial and residential paving company offers a 5-year warranty on all of its work. Customers will find that Black Tar offers excellent service and high-quality asphalt. They believe in exceeding customer expectations every time. You can get the crack-free driveway you’ve always dreamed about. You can save money while getting one of the most durable options.

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