potholeLet’s face it; you are likely to encounter potholes throughout your daily driving experience. While you cannot do much to fix problems on public roads, residential pothole repair services can restore your home driveway to its former glory. However, it’s vital that you choose the right solution. Otherwise, you could be faced with repeat problems within a matter of months.

Here’s all you need to know about patching up your potholes, from choosing the right pothole repair treatment to identifying the early signs of when restoration is required.

What causes potholes?

Before considering your pothole repair options, it’s important to understand why potholes develop. Aside from helping you determine the best way to patch the hole, it will provide a stronger foundation for building a long-term preventative maintenance strategy.

Potholes are caused when water gets under the asphalt paving, which usually happens due to the moisture in the ground directly under your driveway. When the groundwater freezes, it expands to place extra pressure on the driveway, thus causing it to crack, bend, and become damaged. When the ice subsequently thaws, it contracts and leaves gaps in the asphalt. Over time, this will weaken the materials until they break and produce potholes. 

Of course, the weight of vehicles and foot traffic will speed up the process. 

Why you need to complete a pothole repair project

The authorities often leave potholes on public roads for months or even years, but that cannot be an excuse for you to do the same for your property. First and foremost, potholes pose a potential trip hazard to your family and anybody who visits the home. Furthermore, they can cause significant damage to your vehicle. They also make the property look run down and far less welcoming.

Most importantly, pothole repairs become significantly more challenging (and costly) if they are allowed to grow in size. In fact, the potholes may become so severe that the entire driveway needs replacing. Given that this could cost the average homeowner in Canada up to $20,000, repairing the potholes ASAP is the right decision for your property, family, and finances.

The best pothole repair treatment

When looking at ways to repair your driveway, there is a wide selection of options available including both DIY and professional routes. Given that driveway potholes are a significant contributor to the estimated $1bn of damages faced by Canadian drivers each year, it’s vital that you make the right choice.

Unless the driveway is damaged to the point where it needs replacing, potholes can be filled. Gravel driveways can be filled with coarse gravel. However, an asphalt pothole should be treated by pouring concrete into the hole. For the very best results, though, turn your attention to the infrared-and-patch procedure.

The process involves using infrared heating technology to soften the existing asphalt, which subsequently allows the new materials to bond far quicker. This creates a seamless finish, which allows you to safely use the driveway far sooner while simultaneously promoting long-term reliability. In fact, it is possible to start using the driveway in as little as 20 minutes after completion.

While the infrared-and-patch process must be completed using advanced equipment that can only be used by an experienced technician, the procedure itself can be finished in a single session. The following steps are required;


  • The driveway will be cleaned, swept, and dried.
  • An infrared heater will be placed over the pothole for around 10 minutes to soften the existing asphalt.
  • Once removed, the softened asphalt can be raked to make it compact and tight.
  • A rejuvenator can be added to replenish any lost oils.
  • New asphalt material can be poured into the pothole before being levelled out.


Following this, the job can be finished by using a vibrating roller. This will flatten the asphalt and make it compact to provide a structurally sound and esthetically pleasing finish that restores the driveway to its former glory.

In short, it follows the same fundamentals as traditional pothole repairs. You will prepare the area before filling it and allowing the final results to dry. However, the process is faster and built to last. Perfect.

The benefits of infrared-and-patching

Infrared-and-patch treatments have become increasingly popular in recent years as it can deliver truly phenomenal results, especially when working with a great paving contractor in Ottawa. 

For starters, a professional team can complete the entire process in around one hour, thus helping you save time on labour costs without having to pay for the infrared heater equipment either. Moreover, the finished results include compact asphalt materials that will maintain the restored function for several years.

Infrared-and-patching is also an ideal solution when you need to consider the drainage attributes or want to connect your driveway to the garage. Meanwhile, it has become an increasingly common choice for creating patterned driveway surfaces. Ultimately, then, it is a move that will deliver a wide range of benefits, such as;

  • The project can be completed quickly and with a small budget,
  • It can be used to restore function and appearance without replacing the entire driveway,
  • The heating-and-patch process is an eco-friendly choice.
  • It will deliver a very smooth finish and even appearance that matches the old asphalt colour.
  • The project will not prevent you from completing other maintenance steps like seal coating.

Better still, infrared-and-patch pothole repair services tend to be provided exclusively by reputable companies and contractors who know what they are doing. As such, you can be confident that professional standards will be met.

It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to ensure that your driveway is protected for the long haul while it will also make your home the envy of your neighbours. And the fact that you won’t have to take on the project yourself is sure to be an added bonus.

The verdict

Potholes are annoying but the right choice of pothole repair service will enable you to get your driveway back to its best. An infrared-and-patch pothole repair is the best option for most homeowners in Canada.

Perhaps most importantly, though, you must act fast before the damage is allowed to escalate. Regain control of your asphalt driveway in Ottawa today by calling Black Tar Construction today.



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