The Most Common Causes of Driveway Damage

Your driveway is something that can keep your home safe, make it look great, and increase accessibility. It’s something that is often used multiple times a day and people see it immediately when they visit. That’s why a driveway that is damaged can ruin the aesthetic of your property and functionality at the same time. If you want to keep your driveway looking great for many years, you should know how damage is usually caused.

An Installation Gone Wrong

The most common reason for cracks in a driveway is improper installation. If the base is laid incorrectly, problems can start right away. As the materials get wet over time, it can lead to uneven pressure on the space. This is why it’s so important to choose professional contractors to handle your driveway needs. Price is important, but a good job is crucial, so don’t get caught up in a budget and choose someone inexperienced.

Water Damage is Common

Water is something that can wear down the driveway when it gets under the paved surface and removes some of the gravel base. This often distorts the top layer and can cause cracks. Be aware that while asphalt dries hard, it can lose flexibility as time goes on. That means a small crack can turn into a huge problem later. This is why you should keep water away from the driveway as much as possible.

Heavy Weight on the Surface

No matter how experienced the person was who installed your driveway, there are going to be imperfections. Those issues can be magnified when force is applied. So, if you are often bringing heavy equipment of vehicles onto the driveway, it is going to break down more quickly. This can lead to potholes and cracks over time. Pay attention to who is parking where and try to avoid having several vehicles parked at the same time.

Tree Roots Can Destroy Asphalt

Having a beautiful lawn with great landscaping can improve the look of your property. However, you should make sure that trees are not planted too close to the driveway as they can cause serious problems. The roots can grow up into the driveway and push against the foundation. The best way to prevent this is by being aware and planning out your landscaping in advance.

Too Much Rock Salt

Another thing that is bad for your driveway that you might not be aware of is rock salt. This is something that causes more freezing and thawing, which can cause issues to the asphalt. You should avoid using rock salt on your asphalt driveway during the winter months. If you want an alternative, try sand instead. If you absolutely have to use rock salt, use as little as possible.

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