That first big snow fall began, and you did as you usually do; stepping to the window to gaze out at the majestic winter weather and watch the flakes drift down and pile up. Suddenly, you see that a few houses from yours, the snow isn’t piling up at all. At least, not on the driveway. What is going on over there? It is likely that the homeowners decided to end their days of shoveling and struggling against the snow and install a heated drive. They may even have done the walks, too, and will never again face the back-breaking work, risks of falling, and indoor mess that comes with dealing with all the salt, sand and water.

Yet, not many people have had heated drives installed these days, and it is usually because they do not recognize the immense benefits that come with them. Let’s consider some of the most important:

No more shoveling – Whether it is the drive, the walks, or both, one of the most demanding and even dangerous household chores that all homeowners face is shoveling or clearing their walks and drives. It is possible to hire crews with equipment to do the work, but that can add up to an immense expense if the winter is very snowy. Of course, saving the money means doing the work on your own, and so a heated drive ends up sparing you the expenses, saving time, and protecting you from potentially dangerous amounts of exertion

No more ice – You need fall only once on an ice sidewalk or drive to understand the amazing benefits that heating them provides. Heated walkways will never put you at risk for a lawsuit should someone slip and injure themselves, and you need never worry about having to spread potentially dangerous salt, de-icing compounds and sand to prevent ice.

No more worries about heaves and cracks – Because a heated driveway is able to maintain a fixed temperature all year round, owners don’t have to worry about frost heaves and the potential for a lot of damage to the asphalt or concrete. Instead, the heated drive just keeps everything at an even keel, prolonging the life of the drive or walk and further cutting costs.

Opting for a Heated Walkway or Drive

That last point – cutting costs – is incredibly relevant. Most homeowners pooh-pooh the idea of heated walks and drives because of the cost of installation. However, when compared realistically to the costs to repair damages to the walks and drives from extremes of cold, exposure to ice, and the use of chemicals, that initial expense is dramatically reduced. Yes, you do have to remove an existing drive, install the new system, and then pay for the operating costs. However, they are not run blindly around the clock but can have sensors installed and operate on a “smart” system.

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