Wet Basement

Although it’s somewhere most visitors to your home will never see, your basement provides an integral part of the foundation of your house. Not only can a wet basement be a cause of stress and expense but, worst of all, it can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. 

A wet basement can deteriorate the overall structure of your home, as well as cause potentially hazardous mold growth and damage your furniture and other personal possessions. There are many important issues to consider when you find you have a wet basement and, crucially, you should not let a wet basement linger as it can affect air quality and your health.

Cracked basement walls and floors

These are the most common causes of wet basements. Generally made up of poured concrete and/or concrete blocks, the water will always take the path of least resistance so if the material has become damaged over time and cracks have appeared, this is where the water will appear. When the water buildup outside is too much, the already-weakened concrete cracks and the water can force its way inside.


Basements are common areas for pipes, plumbing, boilers, and heating or air conditioning units, not to mention other household appliances such as driers. All of these will create moisture and condensation, so your wet basement problem could, in fact, be coming from within. Not only that, but condensation gradually seeping into concrete walls for years can weaken them, thus also increasing the chances of pressure from outside causing cracks.

Clogged or damaged drainage tile

An exterior pipe could become clogged with mud, debris, or tree roots. This causes the drainage tile to back up and the water has nowhere else to go but into your basement.

You might think that a wet basement isn’t a huge cause for concern. Often not a space you would show off to guests, people may assume these are mostly cold and dank parts of the home anyway. But before you commit to buying a home with a wet basement, or ignore that leak any longer, you should understand the serious ramifications leaving a wet basement can cause.

These might be:

Mold and mildew - These spores exist everywhere in the atmosphere, and aren’t harmful until they find a damp space in which to multiply.

Reduction of property value - Free interested buyers will view your home as a potential investment with a wet basement.

Potential lawsuit - If your property is used as a rental, your clients may refuse to pay their fees or pursue legal action against you for providing an unsafe living environment. Paying to mend your basement now could prevent significant losses in the future.

Less usable space in your home - The basement has the potential to add a whole new room to your house, which is impossible with a wet basement. Even if you’re only using your basement for storage purposes, don’t let a damp prevent you from fully utilizing your space.

Furniture and equipment damage - Damp, even if it’s only in the air, can cause rust and mold to grow in soft furnishings as well. The humidity from a wet basement has the potential to seep into every area of your home and cause damage to your possessions.

Our team are experts in basement repairs and have experience dealing with a variety of root causes for wet basement issues. We know how much upset structural damage can cause, and the disruption it means for your routine and daily life. That is why our professional team will promptly visit your property to inspect the damage and assess what we can do. From there, we will provide you with a full report and quote, as well as a timescale for how long the work will take.

While many people try the DIY option, it’s significantly safer to hire a professional to deal with a wet basement. We have the equipment and expertise to deal with whatever scale of problem you have.

If there are dampness issues with your home, don’t let them linger. We offer one of the lowest online financing rates, and our core values are reflected in our loyal and hardworking staff. We want you to be as satisfied as we are with the end result, and that is why we are always striving for excellence, from start to finish.

Wet Basement

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