Basement waterproofing is essential, especially when you want to prevent water penetration into the basement of your house.

Here are situations you may need to do waterproofing :

● On structured built at or below ground level
● When groundwater seems to build up in the soil.
● When there is hydrostatic pressure under the floor or wall

Methods Used to Prevent Water Penetration

Several methods apply to ensure water does not penetrate the foundation of the building or redirect the water that has penetrated the foundation. Here are some of them.

1. Application of Internal Sealants
Internal sealers offer durable protection by filling the minor voids in the concrete. These sealants create water-resistant barriers that prevent water from penetrating. They leave an invisible finish that never alters with the appearance of the concrete.

2. Interior Water Drainage
Interior water drainage may not provide a technical solution, but at least it's used to collect water and direct it away from your building. When water finds its way into your house, the drainage system collects and directs it away from the building through the drainage channel. It’s recommendable to fasten wall conduits to the foundation wall and extend it over the new drainage to direct any moisture down into the drainage system.

3. Exterior Water Drainage
Exterior water drainage prevents water penetration from the outside regardless of the building's waterproof system. You can do this by removing the debris around the exterior foundation wall. Then apply a waterproofing membrane on the concrete wall. The membrane poses as a flexible water tighter barrier hidden below the grade of the yard. Finally, install an integral drainage system to pump the water away from your house.

4. Exterior Waterproofing
Exterior waterproofing involves repairing the leaky walls of the building from the outside. It is done by exposing the foundation and then applying the waterproof material to make a waterproof wall. The waterproof wall will dispense and redirect water away from the foundation of the wall. Polymer-based waterproof products are ideal as they have proved to provide a long-lasting solution.

Causes of Water Leakage Through Walls

There are several factors associated with leaky walls, and here are some of them.

  • When air pockets in the concrete are not removed, they usually create a weakness which results in a crack that allows water through the wall.
  • When footings are narrow and shallow, they are subject to movement caused by soil erosion resulting to leakages
  • Clogged gutters or broken downspouts can increase the absorption of the rainwater near the foundation, hence increasing the hydrostatic pressure. Weeping tiles also can get clogged and cause water to put pressure on the internal walls.
  • Water that builds upon the window wells after raining can also cause leakages.
  • Ground saturation resulting from the footing drain can also cause leakages when it reaches the saturation point.

Protect Your Home From Water Leakages

While you may not make it to fully waterproof your basement, you should at least try to foundation repairs to protect it from water damage. Consider trying several methods that prevent water penetration, including the application of sealant, internal and external drainage, and exterior waterproofing. They work and, to a large extent, prevent water leaking that damages walls.

house foundation waterproofing and damp proofing with bitumen membrane

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