Basement Cracks

The severity of poor basement maintenance is inadequately emphasized.

  • Why should you regularly maintain your basement?
  • Types of leaks
  • Types of cracks
  • The services offered
  • Benefits of having these repairs
  • Preventative measures you should take

If you rarely visit your basement, then you may be in for a shock when you see it. The basement's walls and floors are affected mainly by water leaks and cracks. The effects of water on the floors and walls can significantly damage the cellar to flood. Therefore, it is essential that you immediately and urgently involve experts who specialize in repairing and maintaining basements.

Flooding resulting from these basement cracks can be harmful to the occupants and the neighbourhood at large. Once you notice any gaps in the basement, be quick to involve the experts to avoid further damage. The different techniques used in these repairs, coupled with the prevention measures that the experts share, will give you a lasting basement solution that will keep your house clean and safe.

Why Should You Regularly Maintain Your Basement?

The basement is usually given less priority during regular maintenance of the house. You need to regularly check on the basement’s condition to avoid having high-end repairs and grave damages like flooding.

A glance at the floors and walls will give you a valid indication of the type of work needed. Preliminary investigations do not need an expert for the job. You will only need to provide your assessment report to the experts, who will then take it up from there.

Types of Leaks

The appearance of the watermarks is significant in identifying the source and types of the leaks. Each wall and floor leak will have a different meaning. The types of leaks are:

  1. Window leaks – due to a leaking or broken basement window
  2. Leaks at the wall and floor joints of the basement – These leaks occur at the intersection between the wall and floor joints
  3. Burst hose pipe joints are leakages resulting from damaged washing machine hoses or faulty boiler and heater pipes.
  4. Drainage systems leaks – These leakages may affect the wall or the floor where there is a crack on the system, the sump, or wall piping by the initial contractors.

Types of Cracks

The types of cracks will align with the kinds of leakages. It is through these cracks you will witness the leaks. You need to ensure all cracks and leakages are carefully analyzed and sealed using the best possible means. There are two types of cracks: wall or floor cracks. Wall cracks are primarily a result of inadequate or faulty piping systems, while floor cracks will lean towards the house's sump or drainage systems.

The Repair Services Offered

Generally, cracks and leakages are fixed by sealing with different materials to avoid recurrence. However, the primary purpose of engaging an expert is not to fill the gaps but to identify the root cause. The experts need to analyze the type of cracks and leaks with a keener eye. You will find that the techniques used will vary from a simple silicon seal to more complex modifications on your drainage systems.

The experts can also install additional drainage channels to redirect any leakages that may otherwise appear after repair and prevent a recurrence. The piping system is also checked for any flaws. The experts can install new piping systems or modify the current piping works to avoid severe wall damage.

After these repairs, the wall and the floor are re-done and left to cure. The result is a brand new and safe basement. Inspecting the repairs once done will help you ensure the quality of work done and identify any areas that you are not content with. Remember, the core purpose of involving the experts is to mend the current leaks and cracks and prevent future water basement damages.

Benefits of Having These Repairs

Apart from having a safe environment, these repairs will keep your basement well-maintained and in good condition. You will also be sure of the functionality and non-interference of the piping and drainage system. Ensure to contact experts who will give you quality services with little or no recurrences.

Prevention Measures You Should Take

The primary prevention measure that you should take is regular inspection of your piping and drainage systems. It will keep you alert of any repairs that you may need early enough to prevent severe damages.

The bottom line is, you need to frequently check on your basement for any leakages and cracks as they are prone to them. Treat any leakages with urgency and ensure you involve qualified expertise.

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