Is Fall the Best Time to Clean Asphalt

Almost anything can be preserved, protected, and enjoy a longer lifespan when it receives regular maintenance, including paved drives. One of the wisest steps a property owner can take is to have their asphalt drive sealed every two years (or every five years at the least). Not only does this extend the life of the pavement, but it also prevents staining, makes it look great, and it ensures timely repair of cracks and holes. It also keeps the drive is as flat and smooth as possible.

Most expert installers seal a driveway as part of the installation process, and this will penetrate deep into the pavement and help it block out gas, oil, and even salt that can easily damage it. Also, if the sealing treatment is not done at the time of installation, annual cleaning and resealing may help to restore a driveway that has already been stained or damaged by salt.

Unfortunately, many property owners think of cleaning and resealing is part of essential home maintenance or something they can do on their own (i.e. DIY), when that is not a good idea. Why? A single mistake in choosing or applying a sealant, or cleaning the pavement the wrong way, can lead to expensive repairs.

When’s the Best Time?

Ask home maintenance experts, and they’ll tell you that the best time to clean and seal an asphalt driveway is when temperatures range from at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to no more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures need to hold at those levels for at l east 48 (preferably 72) hours to allow any sealants to set, and for a cleaned drive to dry correctly before an application.

That is why most say that it is between May and October that it is best to have the work done. Keep in mind that both the cleaning and sealing processes are for experts with the right tools and experience.

Tips for Cleaning

Booking an expert to come out and do the maintenance means scheduling a time for them to push broom or sweep, power wash, and deep clean the drive or paved area. They may need unique treatments to absorb oil stains or spills and then do a second cleaning. After that, they can apply the new sealant or do crack and hole repair, and then tackle the resealing.

As you can see, this is a time-consuming task and one that requires attention to detail as well as experience in such work. The team over at BlackTar specializes in cleaning and sealing asphalt, and will clean any dirt, gravel or new asphalt with specialized gear. Cleaning can be done at the time of a new installation or as part of a homeowner’s annual maintenance routine.

For those eager to make the most of the glorious fall weather and get crucial home upkeep taken care of along the way, opting for professional driveway cleaning and sealing is a wise and practical choice.

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