How will I know when I need to pave my drivewayAsphalt is a durable material that makes your driveway look great. But it does require ongoing maintenance, or it can start to show signs of wear and tear. The harsh winters and hot summers in Canada can take a toll on your pavement. Moreover, other elements can also damage your paved driveway, including oil, gas, de-icing chemical, and even the weight of your vehicles. While you don’t want to spend a lot of money having your driveway paved every time you see a hairline crack, there are some signs that indicate it’s time to pave your driveway.

7 signs you need to pave your driveway

Some wear and tear on your driveway is to be expected. But when you start to notice significant damage, it’s time to repave it. Here are the things you need to watch out for:

1. Potholes

While a single pothole can be easily filled in, if you’re noticing several of them, it might be worth the extra effort to pave the driveway. Potholes are caused by the expansion and contracting of the ground underneath your driveway. This activity can leave your pavement weak. These holes will allow water to pool, which will cause further damage to the paving. Additionally, the gaps present a safety hazard for you or your guests. You or a visitor to your home may trip and hurt themselves. Moreover, it can do damage to your vehicle if it is constantly driving over the holes.

2. Age

Paved driveways don’t last forever. If it has been 15-20 years since it was paved last, it may be time for a repave. Even if your paving isn’t showing significant signs of wear, there could be some underlying issues with the foundation. Call a paving professional and have them investigate and diagnose your paving condition.

3. Spiderweb cracks

When you notice interconnected cracks that look like a spiderweb in your driveway, it’s time to pave it again.  These cracks are caused by changes in the weather, which causes contracting and expansion. Spiderweb cracks present a risk to the structural integrity of your driveway. The more you notice and the more cracks you see, the more urgent the paving job.

4. Erosion

If your driveway has areas that appear to be crumbling away or eroding, you should call your paving contractor. Eroding is an issue that does not get any better and will get worse. You or your guests could hurt themselves if they trip on some of the eroded pieces of your driveway.

5. Water pools

Asphalt is porous, which means water on the surface can filter down through the holes all the way to the foundation. Water on the surface of your driveway indicates that the surface of your paving is starting to fail. If you see pools or even water rolling off your driveway, it’s essential to address it quickly. Not paving your driveway to get rid of pooling water will lead to damage to your property.

6. Lopsided

If your driveway was once smooth but is now uneven or lopsided it is evidence of structural issues. When the surface underneath your paving becomes unstable, it causes structural damage. The only way to fix it is to pave your driveway.

7. Lack of proper maintenance

Maintenance plays a key role in keeping your paved driveway looking its best and staying in good shape. If you’ve been unable to reseal the paving in the last couple of years, you’ll notice more damage. Without resealing your paving, it will be more prone to holes, cracks and other problems.

Benefits of paving your driveway

Homeowners find that paving the driveway offers several advantages, including:

Boosts curb appeal

Your driveway is one of the first things that home buyers will see when they arrive at your property. If it has cracks, potholes, or it’s clear there are drainage problems, it’s not going to leave a great first impression. So, if you are considering selling your home in the next couple of years, investing in paving the driveway right now means that you may ask for more when you put it on the market.


Potholes, cracks, and other damage to your pavement pose a safety risk. Paving your driveway is one of the best ways to protect your safety and the safety of your guests and visitors. It also helps you avoid damage to your vehicle.

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