How to Select a Paving Contractor

It may seem like an easy or even a small matter, but the choice you make in a paving contractor can be a make or break decision. In the current era, a lot of home and property owners opt for asphalt because of its good looks, easy upkeep, and good price. That means that there are also many providers of asphalt paving services seeking the work.

How do you know which is the right choice? Here are several issues to consider when you determine who to hire for your paving project:

How long in service – While you may find a newbie who does amazing work, the simple truth is that years of experience and knowledge will always trump anything else. A good paving expert understands if land needs to be excavated or adjusted, if the drainage is going to be adequate, and what sort of choices are right for your property. They will be able to explain their opinion clearly and show evidence of past projects that are similar to your needs.

What materials are available – A good asphalt or paving contractor knows that there are different materials for different jobs. The very best will use only premium asphalt and skip the lower-quality options that may be made mostly of recycled materials.

Their crew – Asphalt paving requires skill and experience, and it also requires manpower. Understaffed crews cannot provide the kind of skilled installation you need. A typical team has more than three workers in order to ensure that the pace of the work can be maintained and that the final result is top-notch.

The equipment – Hand in hand with adequate numbers of workers is the right type of machines. The best companies have well-maintained machinery that can allow the paving to be done quickly and for the finish to be the very best possible. Asphalt that sits around too long and cools too quickly never looks good.

The capability – Can they handle the entire scope of the project? It is best to work with a team that can handle every aspect of the project. From a no contact bid (in the time of the coronavirus outbreak this is essential), to the removal of existing pavement, excavating, designing and installing – they should handle it all.

Insurance and warranties – There is nothing so comforting as hearing that your asphalt provider is going to guarantee their work. This is the sign of truly reputable firms and if they make customer satisfaction a guarantee, you are on the right track. They also need to ensure and reassure that they are fully insured in the event of any damages or problems with the work.

Accreditation or industry participation – Finally, any asphalt company that is affiliated with industry organizations or is accredited or recognized as a good business should be at the top of the list.

BlackTar hits all the points above and is now offering no contact estimates to help keep social distancing in place, while still providing excellent start to finish service.

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