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Our core values are apparent through our loyal and hard-working staff. We persistently strive to be proactive, with respect to keeping an open eye towards the environment. Black Tar offers both residential paving and commercial paving services in Ottawa to customers who care to take a quality approach. Our goal is to make you feel as protected as possible. We will always do so with respect, professionalism and a smile.

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OurCore Values

Our core values are apparent through our loyal and hard-working staff. We consistently strive to be proactive towards our employees. We understand that the better we treat our employees, the more they will take care of our customers. 

What We Stand For Principles

  • Belief in People - We trust in positive intentions and encourage ideas from everyone. 
  • Individual Excellence - We take pride in our work and have a passion for excellence. 
  • Accountability - We do what we say… We act like owners. 
  • Teamwork - We are smarter as a whole than any one individual. 
  • Recognition - We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun doing it. 
  • Customer Focus – We listen and respond to the voice of the customer. 
  • Coaching and Support – We coach and support each other.

Our Philosophy

● Serving the needs of the people who are serving our customers… We perceive our employees as internal customers.
● Employees' capabilities and customer satisfaction come first… profitability follows.
● Employees are our #1 Internal Customer… Not senior management.
● Recognition shows we care… Find reasons to celebrate.
● Create cooperation between all departments… No finger pointing.
● Quality in everything we do… Especially in applying our “What We Stand For” principals.


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CustomersLove Our Company

James Parker
James Parker
Very happy with how this project turned out. We’re usually pretty fussy when it comes to getting renovations done mainly because of how unresponsive contractors are, but Black Tar always picked up my calls within a few seconds, which made this whole process such a good experience. Overall, the customer service was great and the paving job was just as good!
Marian Cunningham
Marian Cunningham
Aziz and his team did a great job on my driveway, I got an infrared and patch and a sealing. Much cheaper than full paving and it looks great.
Paul Reddin
Paul Reddin
I originally had some complications with the estimate, I had 4 neighbours that requested an estimate but 3 were provided. I contacted their customer success team, they did a great job rescheduling the salesman to provide my fourth neighbour with an estimate within 2 business days. The price is fair and the job looks fantastic! Thank you Black Tar!!
Laura Lee
Laura Lee
I originally got 4 estimates, Black Tar was the most professional and the lowest priced! I thought it was too good to be true but everything went flawlessly from beginning to end.
Daniel Timm
Daniel Timm
5 Stars, great ramp and sealing work!
Christy Brooks
Christy Brooks
Got my driveway paved by a different company two years ago (not going to mention any names), they did a horrible job so I hired Black Tar to rectify it and they did a good job. I wish I would went with you guys to start. Oh well, now I know for next time
Bob Mathis
Bob Mathis
I heard about Black Tar from several neighbours and friends. They are usually very busy which I guess is a good indication of their service. I got a quote in 2019 but they were already fully booked for the year, so I decided to wait another year and got another quote in 2020. Beginning to end, I now understand why they are recommended by many. The sales process with fantastic, the prep team was courteous and organized, the paving team was just as good as the rest of them. I too now will start recommending Black Tar. Thank you Remi, Brittany, and Sean.

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