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Basement Flooding/Foundation Risk Management

From Foundation Flooding, to Sink Holes… we got you covered!

Foundation Flooding: Many older homes find themselves sinking and settling over the years. Softscapes and hardscapes such as grass, flowerbeds, interlocking, and asphalt, settle at a much faster rate than concrete foundations. This ends up creating negative drainage towards the foundation, allowing water to find its way into your home.

Services Provided
Risk Avoidance Damage Management
Prevent future flooding from occurring before it is too late. Our estimators can inspect your property to detect any negative drainage towards the foundation. They will then provide you with a quote pertaining to pictures, measurements, and the slope of your current property, and how we can help. April showers bring May flowers… but you would never expect these showers to end up in your basement. Whether you are ankle deep in water, or have a small wet spot in the basement, it is crucial to have the perimeter of your home inspected and fixed. Our company specializes in re-grading the exterior of your property to fix/prevent water from draining towards your house.

Ensuring Your Safety and Security by Offering Property Management Services, 24/7!

Below are the internal precautions implemented within Black Tar Paving as of March 16th, 2020.

Foundation Leak Signs
1 Water spots appearing on the basement walls, floors, and/or ceiling.
2 Water bill increasing over time.
3 Water heater turns on frequently
4 No faucets active, yet you hear water running through pipes

24/7 Emergency Response (613) 407-9633: We have emergency crews that operate around the clock to accident scenes, severe potholes repairs, and emergency land re-profiling.