When done correctly, asphalt seal coating is acknowledged as one of the most useful preventative maintenance treatments for your asphalt parking lot. The preparation of the asphaltWorker using a sealcoating brush during asphalt resurfacing project surface, crack filling (if applicable), and application of a coal tar-based pavement sealer in ideal weather circumstances are the keys to a successful seal coating program.

Far too often, either incompetent or unscrupulous seal coating contractors "oversell" seal coating to naïve property owners. They rely on what they believe to be professionals to advise them in making the right purchasing decision. Because 90% of seal coating contractors are salespeople rather than "pavement consultants," when a property manager approaches them for honest, straightforward advice, the fear of losing the sale kicks in, and they will sell the prospect on seal coating even though they know it would provide little value other than a little cosmetic enhancement of the asphalt, which is usually temporary.

What Asphalt Sealcoating Can Provide:

  • Either coal tar emulsion, asphalt emulsion, or petroleum-based emulsion will protect an asphalt parking lot from gas and oil leakage, oxidation from the sun, deterioration from the use of de-icing chemicals, waterproofing the surface, aid in the melting of snow and ice, and beautify the pavement.
  • Seal coating, when used as part of a preventative maintenance program and applied as per the manufacturer's specifications (proper water dilution, addition of a latex modifier, and addition of silica sand for traction and durability), can lead to an extended life of an asphalt parking lot by roughly 20 years if it is completed alongside a good maintenance plan that includes seal coating.
  • Seal Coating will aid in the melting of ice and snow by retaining heat from the sun.
  • Because it creates a smooth surface, Seal Coating makes sweeping and washing the asphalt a lot easier.

What Asphalt Sealcoating Can’t Provide:

  • When an asphalt parking lot has been ignored for 10-15 years and is covered with cracks, alligator cracked sections, and the particles from the asphalt have eroded, leaving behind a rough surface with exposed stone, seal coating will have NO structural value and will just be ornamental. Seal coating a 15-year-old neglected parking lot may make the appearance look better, however, a property inspector who is following correct protocol and research almost probably requests a repaving concession.
  • Seal Coating will only extend the life by a few years of an asphalt parking lot that has deteriorated due to neglect.
  • Seal Coating will only extend the life by a few years of an asphalt parking lot that has deteriorated due to neglect.
  • Seal Coating does not level or correct low places.
  • Although some seal coating products use the term "resurfacer," seal coating will not resurface asphalt.
  • When seal coating is applied to the asphalt where all of the particles have eroded and the stone is rough and projecting, the top of the stones will quickly wear off in high-traffic areas.

If you would like to learn more about seal coating and what it can do for you don’t hesitate to get in touch with Black Tar today.

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