Is Fall the Best Time to Clean Asphalt

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Almost anything can be preserved, protected, and enjoy a longer lifespan when it receives regular maintenance, including paved drives. One of the wisest steps a property owner can take is to have their asphalt drive sealed every two years (or every five years at the least). Not only does this extend the life of the

The Most Common Causes of Driveway Damage

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Your driveway is something that can keep your home safe, make it look great, and increase accessibility. It’s something that is often used multiple times a day and people see it immediately when they visit. That’s why a driveway that is damaged can ruin the aesthetic of your property and functionality at the same time.

6 Basic Steps to Paving Your Own Driveway

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Applying pavement is no simple task. It requires a lot of talent, experience, and equipment. If you ever decide to start a paving company, or you have the patience and riches to pave your own, here are the six main steps to driveway paving: First, you need to know which scope of work the driveway

Late Spring is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Paving Work

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Spring has sprung, as they say, and most corners of North America are starting to enjoy the signs that winter is officially ended. Loads of property owners are thinking about all of the projects that need to be completed in the coming season, and it can include everything from painting and roofing to re-paving the