basement floodingIf your basement floods, it can be a potentially costly and certainly disruptive process to make it good again. In some cases, this might be covered by your insurance, but it will depend on exactly the cause of the flooding and whether or not this is the case. This is why it’s so important to act as fast as possible once you find that your basement is flooding. Any sign of water ingress, no matter how slight, means you need to take action.

As a homeowner, finding that your basement has flooded or might be liable to flooding is not a pleasant situation to be in. To help you make the next move in a timely manner, read on; here are some of the reasons why a basement might flood and what you can do about it to avoid as much unnecessary damage as possible.

Poor Basement Sealing

When the basement is built, something that usually happens when the house itself is built, it will need to be adequately sealed. If the sealing is not carried out correctly, or even if it’s not done at all, over time, water from the earth around the basement will start to seep through the concrete. If you notice that your basement is particularly flooded after a spell of rain, this is most likely to be the cause behind it; as the earth becomes wetter, more water can squeeze through the concrete walls and pool on the floor.

To rectify this problem, the basement will need to be sealed properly, as it should have been at the start. This is something you can do yourself, or you can call in an expert to help you. Either way, you’ll need to ensure the sealant you use is highly rated and will last for a number of years because in this way, you won’t have to worry about the basement flooding anymore.

Foundation Issues

If your basement is flooding, it might be due to foundation issues. Tree roots, the quality of the soil, the climate you live in, ongoing plumbing leaks, inadequate drainage, and more can all contribute to the foundations of your property being damaged in some way. When this happens, water can easily leak through and cause problems in your basement.

Foundation repair is the only option when this is the problem. This is not something that you should attempt by yourself since it is a highly specialized task. An experienced company such as BlackTar is the best choice here. We understand foundation repair, and we know how important it is to work quickly to prevent additional damage from taking place. Contact us today to find out more.

Improperly Installed Downspouts

The downspout’s job is to point water away from your home and especially from your foundations. The downspout should be at least five feet from the basement wall (and ideally six feet) because then the water will drain away and not cause any damage. If the downspout is installed too close to the house or it leaks, is broken, or even missing, the water it is meant to be directing away will instead gather close to the building, seep through the ground, and find its way into the basement.

The downspout isn’t just something that makes the outside of a property look complete; it has an important function. If yours isn’t doing its job, you’ll need to replace it and ensure it is installed correctly.

Gutter Debris

Just as crucial as the downspout is your gutter, and the pair work hand in hand to keep your property safe. The gutter will take the water to the downspout, which, as we’ve said, will direct that rainwater away from the property.

If your gutter is clogged with debris such as leaves, seedpods, moss, twigs, and general dirt, then the water won’t run smoothly and quickly to the downspout and away. Instead, it will seep over the edges of the gutter and cause the same problems since there will be another big puddle that has nowhere to go other than into the basement.

Make sure you clear your gutters at least every year, and ideally every six months, to keep the water running well and prevent it from damaging your property.

Faulty Pipework

Within your basement, there are sure to be pipes. These pipes will be responsible for taking water around your home, and if there is a leak in one of them, and that leak is in your basement, not only will your heating be affected, but your basement will be flooded.

If you notice that your heating isn’t working in the way it should, but your boiler is working well, it could be a pipework issue. An expert will be able to find the leak and fix it quickly.

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