Asphalt surfaces, being continuously subjected to the movements of vehicles, varying weather conditions, and seasonal fluctuations, indeed command a fair share of attention when determining asphalt maintenance strategies. At Black Tar, Ottawa's leading asphalt paving company, we understand these challenges and are committed to facilitating informed decisions concerning your property. To this end, we present this extensive guide detailing the distinct scenarios necessitating asphalt maintenance repair or repaving, thereby assisting in maximizing the longevity of your asphalt surfaces.

A Glimpse into the Heart of Asphalt Maintenance

Road Asphalt Maintenance construction. New asphalt concrete, concrete kerb and orange safetyEquipped with durability and flexibility, asphalt maintenance has become a mainstay in construction sectors, especially in road construction and parking lots. As much as it is lauded for its resilience, a consistent maintenance regimen is key to preserving its operational efficiency and delaying its replacement cycle.

Our range of asphalt maintenance services at Black Tar entails Pothole Repairs, Infrared and Patch Asphalt Sealing, Crack Sealing, and Ramp Installations. Each of these services aims to address a specific type of asphalt deterioration, enabling us to give your asphalt surfaces the precise care they require.

Spotting the Fledgling Signs: Identifying Asphalt Distress

Understanding the health of your asphalt surface commences with the recognition of common signs of wear-and-tear:

  • Cracks: Cracks can be longitudinal, transverse, or an outcome of reflection. They commonly surface over time, largely induced by weather changes, severe downpours, exposure to UV rays, and protracted heavy-duty traffic.
  • Potholes: Arguably one of the most visible signs of asphalt distress, potholes are hollow, bowl-shaped openings that occur after the asphalt layers and the base course material get eroded. The occurrence of these failures is largely tied to the infiltration of water under the surface which, when not addressed promptly, can hamper vehicle safety and drivability.
  • Rutting: Deeper depressions or grooves on the surface, especially along the wheel paths, indicate rutting. These indicate a weakening in the asphalt structure and can risk vehicular stability.

Asphalt Maintenance and Repair: When is it the Best Course?

Emphasis on early detection and timely intervention has made asphalt repair a popular choice amongst property owners when dealing with localized deterioration.

  • Crack Sealing: An effective method to prolong the life cycle of the asphalt surface. Crack sealing involves the injection of rubberized sealant into cracks in the asphalt surface. This prevents water ingress, thereby enhancing the pavement lifespan while maintaining a safer surface for vehicles.
  • Pothole Repair: The process involves the removal of any loose or deteriorated asphalt around the hole before it is filled with a fresh asphalt mix—a geotextile fabric can also be deployed to reinforce the structure.

Repairing is certainly a cost-effective alternative to total replacement when dealing with isolated issues on your paving or when recurring problems have not undermined the structure's foundational integrity.

Time to Repave: Making the Call

Over time, cumulative patches, the severity of crack interlocking, or an undermined base structure can present a scenario where repaving may be the most economically and structurally sound option.

Repaving involves the removal of the deteriorated top layer of the existing asphalt before a new layer is rolled out. This process allows for the complete removal of existing issues and a rejuvenation of the aesthetic appeal.

Trust Black Tar for Your Paving Solutions: A Asphalt Maintenance Specialist at Your Behest

At Black Tar, our broader service portfolio, encompassing everything from minor repairs to large-scale repaving projects, reinstates our commitment to delivering outstanding paving solutions.

An asphalt surface is much more than a drive path—it mirrors the value you assign to your property and your adherence to safety norms. Therefore, proactive asphalt maintenance, periodic inspection, and the correct response to the first signs of degradation are vital.

Pit on the asphalt caused by bad weather, traffic and poor Asphalt Maintenance Both repair and repave come with their distinct advantages. Crack repair buys you time and delays the need for extensive renovations, while pothole repair is a quick fix that also averts potential damage to vehicles and boosts safety levels at your property. On the other hand, when minor fixes become regular affairs and the area's base structure is compromised, repaving addresses all issues at once—giving you a fresh start and potholes and crack-free surface for a long while.

So, whether you're contemplating minor repairs or an extensive repaving project, the team at Black Tar is equipped and enthusiastic to guide your journey towards a reliable, safe, and appealing asphalt surface.


The longevity and durability of your asphalt are a commitment—a commitment to quality, safety, and cost-efficiency. At Black Tar, we undertake this commitment along with you, providing adept solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact Black Tar today for a free estimate and a walk-through of your asphalt projects. All it takes is a small step today for a smoother ride tomorrow.

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