Signs your Asphalt Needs to be ReplacedHas it been a while since you had your asphalt driveway or parking lot installed? Is it becoming an eyesore to see all the cracks and potholes? It might be time to consider replacing your asphalt.

Even if you’ve done your best at maintaining it, your driveway or parking lot won’t last forever. Canada’s extreme weather cycles, from way below freezing to hot, hot summers coupled with heavy traffic, will take their toll on your asphalt.

Here are some ways to know if it’s time to replace your asphalt.

1. Cracking

If your asphalt has a few cracks in it, repairing them may be a simple solution. However, if there is a pattern of cracks across your driveway or parking lot, it might be best to replace the paving.

2. Deep Potholes

Refilling small potholes on your driveway or parking lot is an easy fix, but if you have larger potholes, it can damage your foundation. Water will be able to seep in, causing your asphalt foundation to become weak and fail. Additionally, large potholes present hazards for vehicles and pedestrians. It’s important to protect yourself and your business and have potholes refilled quickly. If you think you have large potholes that may be a problem, the best solution is to replace your asphalt.

3. Drainage Issues

Have you noticed standing water in your parking lot or on your driveway? This is a sign there are some drainage problems with your asphalt. It could indicate the paving has sunk, creating a depression where water can gather. Alternatively, it may be happening because your contractor didn’t sufficiently plan for drainage when they were paving. It is best if there is a slight slope in your pavement as it allows the water to run off rather than collect. Regardless of the cause, standing water can damage your asphalt. You’ll want to contact a paving professional to have the problem resolved.

4. Pavement Fading

Unfortunately, sunlight can cause your beautiful black asphalt to turn gray. While this may not seem like anything more than an aesthetic issue, gray paving can indicate your asphalt is weakening. To protect this from happening, you can apply a sealant. To maintain the look of your paving, it’s best to reseal it every few years.

5. Ravelling

Your asphalt paving is made by mixing binder and aggregate. However, over time these elements can become lose and disconnect from each other. It results in loose pieces of gravel on the surface of your driveway or parking lot. Ultimately, you’ll notice your paving is starting to pit. If caught early enough, you can treat ravelling. However, if left for too long larger pieces will begin to break away. This causes the surface of your pavement to become rougher. At this point, you’ll need to replace your asphalt.

6. Age

It’s natural that your asphalt will wear out over time, suffer significant cracking and breaking, and a number of other problems, including fading. If it has been 10-15 years since you last had asphalt paving installed, it may be time to retire your current pavement and get a fresh surface. While some asphalt driveways can last up to 20 years or more, if you’re starting to notice a multitude of problems, it might be best to start new rather than push along for several more years.

7. Edge Breakaway

When your asphalt is installed, concrete is applied to the edges to keep it together. But, over time, this material can disintegrate, causing the edges of your asphalt to break off. When this happens, it can impact the integrity of your paving. It’s best to contact a professional to see if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

8. Undermining

Sometimes an underground pipe cracks or slips from its joint. This is called undermining, and when a pipe becomes loose from the drainage, it can cause trouble for your asphalt and the base. Professionals will need to dig down to fix the problem. Once they have resolved it, the damage may mean you’ll need to replace your paving.

Time for a Replacement?

Replacing your asphalt driveway or parking lot is a big decision. However, keep in mind that if you are having troubles now, they will only get worse over time. Consider the money you spend on replacing your paving as an investment into your property’s look and curb appeal. To get a free estimate, contact Black Tar today.

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